Binalay ni Elisa V. Robles
Principal III- JNHS

Pangahaw tradisyon nga hinamindanganon
nag ugat sa sinaunang panimad-on
Bisya nga kan- on indi gd makaon
Kon ang pamilya di magtilipon.

Si Lolo, si Lola, si Tatay kg Nanay
Si Manong, si Manang, si Toto kg Inday
Gahikot sng ubas,tilad, manok kg limbok
Pangasi kg chioktong sa papag itungtung.

Ritual pagkamangyan dayon paga himuon
Tanan nga kalag dayon gid agdahon
Dya ginapatihan gid sanda mabinuligon
Kag nagabantay pa sang Pangumahon.

Dya nga hilikuton owa it basihan
Pero kon aton  dya padaluman
Aton matalupangdan dakung kaangtanan
Sa kabuhi natong ispirituhanon.

Bangud  it gugma,kalag ginadumdum
Tagtuga sang gugma aton Dios nga langitnon
Gani aton gid dya dapat padayunon
PANGAHAW nga ritual aton pasanyugon.


    The celebration of jamindan fiesta prolong for 2 days . The theme pangahaw which symbolize the culture and tradition of jamindanganon. The fest build a profitable and benefit dance starting 15 -19 for the privilege and for welcoming the other government official who participate the town fiesta. The students and faculty in every school participate in showing the real image and also the meaning of pangahaw. The elementary schools show Binanog and fire dance while the students in secondary level interpret the Pangahaw culture. But what is really the meaning of Pangahaw?

     Pangahaw is the oldest tradition which celebrating a new morn hay for the odds long ago. It is symbolized and significant for the Pilipino capizeño who give thanks to god who give them shower of blessings. Pangahaw derive in words “mahaw” which mean breakfast. It is also the culture of jamindanganon which implies to their habitant such livelihood, agriculture, forestry ect. It includes the pagtutuba,pag aani,pagpapanggas,pag-arado and many more.

     For the ancient filipino it is important to rejoice and give “alay” or halad to pleased God.

     The feast, in honor of its Patron Saint Sebastian, has the theme “Shining Jamindan: Binuligay Padayunon, Pangahaw Festival Pasanyugon.”

Church handles Fiesta
    The planning and organization of the coming Municipal and Religious Fiesta to be held on January 16-20, 2008 is in progress under the management of Jamindan Church,Education, Municipality and Military Sectors (JACEMMS). Since coordinating this occasion is a rotation among the different sectors, this year, it would be the turn of the Church making Rev. Fr. Langgurayan, Parish Priest, the Chairman and Director of this event.

Jamindan joined in the Sinadya sang Halaran Festival 2007

     The Sinadya sang Halaran is highlighted by a parade from the different municipalities of Capiz including Jamindan. In the forefront is our beloved Mayor Ethel R. Jinon along with  Vice Mayor Samson Montorio and the Municipal Councilors. The party also includes the teachers from Jamindan Elementary and High Schools and Barangay Officials,  while students from the Jamindan National High School were streetdancing in the background.
    But there were loads of eventful undertakings that every Jamindanganon can be proud of.  Jaqueline Batay represented our hometown in the search for Ms. Sinadya sang Halaran 2007, presented by the Capiz Lions Club in cooperation with the Province of Capiz and the City of Roxas. This was held last December 5, 2007, 7:00 PM at the CAP Auditorium. Aside from winning the 3rd runner up, contending with 15 other ladies from different municipalities of Capiz, she also earned 2 special awards, Ms. Coke Lite for being the most fit and buff, and Ms. Renew Placenta for possessing the most silky and flawless skin

Nina Moves Jamindan

                The Philippine siren and the newest queen of pop, Nina Barinos Garido,  paid a visit to her hometown Jamindan on October 20,2007,  since she made a tour to promote tourism  because she was commissioned to be the delegate of the Province of Capiz. This is in line with the 5 year development agenda of Governor Victor Tanco, Sr. to become a an eco-cultural tourism hub.   Jamindanganons waited for her in San Vicente since Nina had a previous engagement in Tapaz.  When she and company arrived, they had a  motorcade on the way back to the municipal hall where they prepared loads of fruits and gifts for her while everybody seemed to want their photos taken alongside her.